Abernethy UMC
Abernethy UMC
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
God is here. Jesus is coming.

Join us at Abernethy UMC.

A website will never be able to truly capture the heart of a church. However, I believe that in this site you will find the snapshots that will help you understand that Abernethy people truly love and care for each other as well as their neighbors, just as Jesus asked us to do.

Thank You to the Austins! 

It’s their last month at Abernethy and we want to thank them personally. Wes, Lisa, Jonah, Andrew and Emma, each have been a blessing to this church. We hope that the future holds many more blessings and that God shares his everlasting grace wherever you are. 

As they turn the page in their lives,
we welcome our new minister, Sara Scruggs. 

Sara is passionate about helping her churches engage with the community and become a place for all God’s children to find hope and wholeness. She leads by building consensus and empowering the people around her. In her present appointment she has worked hard to connect both churches to their missional network, and specifically to FaithHealthNC. She has consistently addressed the strengthening of healthy functioning of committees, training of leaders, communication between committees and church council. She introduced her congregations to the use of social media and a website. She has effectively assimilated new members into the life of the congregation and new people into leadership roles. She has led the congregations into becoming better stewards by introducing them to various tools to increase the financial health of individuals and church, including tithing, budgeting and proactive planning as a part of spiritual discipline. 

There is much more about Sara, and Abernethy, and about the God we serve together. So stop by and see us, catch us in the BEAR Closet, the Good Faith Garden, at the UJ or The Hop or out in the Pumpkin Patch.  We would love to get to know more about you as well. 

Stick around after services on the 12th and welcome Sara at a short reception in Wilson Hall.

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